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LONDON - B2B International, the specialist business-to-business market research consultancy, is making its foray into the US with the opening of an office in New York.

The firm is parachuting in staff from other markets to work in New York, including the UK, France, Spain, Germany and China.
The US office will provide a complete B2B research offering, with particular expertise in the fields of chemicals, oil and gas, engineering, finance and construction.

The company will also be holding two business-to-business marketing workshops in New York in October.
The workshops will take an interactive format, headed up by B2B International chief executive Paul Hague.
The new office will be headed up by Matthew Harrison, director of International Operations.
He said: "In keeping with our strategy of globalisation, this latest office is designed to meet the needs of our many existing US clients as well as appealing to a broader American audience.
"It will also provide clients from other areas of the world with the chance to explore the States in more depth."


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Good to know that. what do you mean by B2B research?

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