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OV op je mobiel, datingsites, Hyves op je mobiel, aanbiedingen, tips en lokale zoekers naar toilet, taxi of winkel-in-de-buurt. Je moet de mobiele networker verrassen en zeer waardevol 'lastig' vallen op hun Smartphone. Denk daarbij wel aan de verschillen tussen b2b en b2c social networks. B2b gaat namelijk niet om entertainment maar om zakelijke contacten. En vooral: het moet zakelijk van waarde.

Acht stappen, acht tips voor meer 'engagement' met je b2b mobile social network. Vaak heel logisch, maar als stappenplan altijd handig:

1. Define your goals

- Do you want to improve or build better customer relationships?
- Do you want to increase your knowledge management capabilities?
- Do you want to facilitate sales or recruitment?
- Do you want to increase your personal and corporate visibility to gain more brand awareness or business opportunities?
- Do you want to build a community in which ideas and information can be exchanged and discussed?
- Do you want to hold one-on-one or engage in multiple conversations at the same time?
- Do you want to use certain tools or applications?

2. Determine available resources

What kind of resources do you have on hand to build this initiative, and do you understand what it takes?

3. Blend with your brand

Next, integrate your mobile social network with your brand positioning and strategy. Consider where your customers and your competition are and whether a mobile social network will improve your positioning and competitive advantage by making you more immediately visible and accessible.

4. Determine how you will get customers to use it

Customers, partners and colleagues will require tools to enable them to interact with you and one another. You will also need to come to grips with what will motivate them to use mobile networking.

- People will need something to talk about. This might require you to begin the conversation, to advertise an event or product, ask a question, set up a competition or encourage interactivity.

- You might have to allow customers to set up their own groups, blogs and community forums within your network based around common areas of interest.

Members of a custom-made B-to-B mobile social network, for example, might want to co-create or share information within an open or closed environment. B-to-B social mobile networks are more sophisticated than consumer social networks. “You want to meet somebody, discuss with somebody in a forum or post a blog” says Thomas Power, CEO,

5. Understand cultural sensibilities and legal obligations

People in different countries interact with each other in different ways. Some accept certain types of content; others don’t. Consider who will monitor and censure conversations and what the legal implications and community guidelines are. Always be transparent.

6. Find the appropriate mobile social platform

You must determine the mobile social platform you want to use. Start by looking at those that complement the objectives you want to achieve.

7. Have a viral marketing strategy in place

What will make people flock to your mobile network? You’ll need to find evangelists who can influence others. Keep them informed about what you are doing. Much business is gained through referrals, so make sure people can connect with you and each other. Be prepared to respond and participate in conversations.

8. Integrate with other social networks

Look at your marketing strategies and channels from a tactical perspective: What are you going to do apart from the obvious?

Two typical measures are:
#1. Return on investment. How much time have you spent using it and how many sales have been generated, or how much has it cost to create your own in comparison to brand awareness or sales?

#2. Return on relationship. What did you get out of the relationships you’ve created in terms of customer loyalty, retention, referrals and new sales? You need to invest time in learning how your customers, partners or colleagues use the network.

Via Marketingsherpa


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